Education AI provides a fully supported ecosystem for teaching Computational Thinking, Programming and Robotics.

Our platform provides a broad coverage across subject areas and age range (6 years old to 18 years old). 

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Education AI’s fully supported ecosystem means teachers are supported by a set of AI enabled analytics and tools, allowing them to focus their efforts on teaching. 

Our Curriculum includes a complete mapping of Learning Objectives and Prerequisite Knowledge, allowing teachers to customise their lessons and allow for different levels of students. Information highlighting the learning progress, and challenges, for a class or student level, are automatically sent to teachers’ dashboard. 

Students learning are supported by a set of educational aids and resources include both unplugged and online variants. Our adaptive learning paths are tailored to individual students’ abilities, together with online Python coding space with auto-marking and recommendations on what to code next.


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Extensive range of educational resources and teaching aids, in unplugged and online format.

Various formats of delivery, including tactile games, Powerpoints, text, video, and more.

Convey the relevant topics in intuitive ways, making difficult concepts easier to understand.

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Activities automatically assigned to individual students, based on their learning habits and progress.

Unplugged activities designed specially for primary children.

Knowledge gaps based on the mapping between Learning Objectives and prerequisite knowledge are identifed and can be handled by the teacher.

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Deep learning powered online development environment for Python programming: no installation required.

Monitors student progress and provides helpful hints and recommendations on what to focus on / code next.

Auto-grades the student’s code submission and provides feedback to teachers, via the METIS dashboard.

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METIS uses a traffic light system providing instant feedback on the progress, difficulty areas, and performance of a cohort of students.

The system allows teachers to drill down across multiple dimensions, including by individual student, Learning Objectives, classes, and over time.

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Teachers and schools of

Mr. L - Secondary School Teacher

“The consolidated approach Education AI adopted means everything is on the same platform, making it easy for me and my students to use”

Ms. P - Primary School ICT Teacher

“As a primary school unspecialised teacher, I found Education AI’s Computational Thinking books and resources easy to use.

Mr. J.B - Secondary School Teacher

“I use Education AI’s unplugged resources in the classroom, then assign my students to do the online activities at home, on the same topic. This helps me to view my class’ progress easily.”

Mrs. T - Six Form Teacher

“The Coding Space auto marks my students code, at the same time provide me with a feedback I could look into. It saves a lot of my time.”

Ms. A - SME in Computer Science

“I am a SME in CS but this set of resources helps me diagnose easily the cause of some students’ misconceptions.”

Mr. R.W - Sixth Form Teach Lead

“My students found the problem-solving challenging but interesting. Their individual learning journeys, planned out with the engaging curriculum made all the difference to their development.”

Miss. K.D - Primary School ICT Teacher

“I deeply appreciate the journey the EAI platform has setup for my student in the past 6 months. I’d highly recommend the recources for all teachers looking for a helping hand.”

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